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Las Vegas, Nevada

I don’t gamble;
I don’t drink;
I don’t’ smoke – neither like the smell of smoking;
I don’t enjoy strip-tease shows;
I don’t enjoy bacheloret parties;
I don’t like dry weather;
I am already married;
I don’t enjoy crowds.

Then…. why I went to Las Vegas?!

Because of the Cirque du Soleil shows!!!

Mystere and O (the one with water) I had seen before. Stephen had seen Zumanity and O already. Then we went to see Ka and Love (the one with the Beatles songs.)

Ka  is more theater than circus. It has a plot, and same actors all the time. But the stage has a  moveable platform that it is an amazing engineering project!  The performers take advantage of this huge solid moving metal piece and “fly” the way that Cirque du Soleil performers are famous to do. Fantastic!

Ah!  Another reason to visit Vegas: it is cool to “taste” Paris, New York, and Venice in one afternoon! blinking

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