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King Henry

This week we had the honor of have King Henry in our house. He came to spend Summer vacation, while his staff was traveling to Jamaica. 


In the picture, King Henry is sitting in his throne on the northwest corner of the bathtub, observing  the morning movement in the master bathroom. He is spending his days  taking naps in the sofa, eating, being diplomatic with our Princess, and sleeping in our bed.

As entertainment he is using all the curtains in the house: he grabs it, pulls it, rolls on it, twist it until form a mess of fabric where he finally lay down and take a deserved nap. 

He absolutely did not show any interest in get contact with our four plebeians downstairs. Our Princess enjoys his food, and vice-and-versa. 

We believe he is getting some extra pounds here….  well, his staff can take care of it when they come back!  

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