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The first time I heard this word was about the  ”recombobulation area” at the international airport in Milwaukee. The idea is simple: have some chairs where people can wear back their shoes, pack their laptops, and get together to keep their trips after pass the security x-ray. 

Now the word is on the urban dictionary:

“1. To put something back the way it was, or into proper working order 
2. To gather one’s thoughts or composure”

or “The need to breathe for a second after becoming discombobulated; the act of self-gathering after a moment of discombobulation. (Note–One can not recombobulate without first being discombobulated.)”

We could schedule a recombobulation time every day, just to sit down, have a deep breath, remember who we are and where we are going, feel reenergized, and then go on…  Also known as “meditation”!  :-)

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