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A collection of thoughts… or a list of lists?!

Places that starts with “B”

Brazil. Buzios. Boston. Belize. Blueberry Farm. Bedford. Blue Ridge Mountains. 

It sounded weird, but when showing our pictures to some family and friends, we realized we just had been in places that the names start with “B”!

And what were the next two places we would like to visit? Brasilia and Barcelona. 

Now it is a game: everybody is giving us suggestions of another places in the world starting with “B”. This game generated two lists: places that we do not want to visit (as Baghdad, Beirut, Bosnia, ….), and places that we do want to visit:

Baalbek (Lebanon), Baden Baden (Germany), Bahamas, Bahia, Brasilia, Baikonur (Star City, Kazakhstan), Baille Crater (Moon!), Baja California, Balearic Islands (Majorca), Bali (South Pacific), Baltic Sea, Baltimore, Banff (Canada), Bangkok, Bar Harbor, Maine, Barbados, Barbuda, Barcelona, Barstow/Bakersfield (Mojave), Bay Area/Berkeley (Calif.), Bay of Biscay (Spain), Bay of Fundy (Nova Scotia, Canada), Beagle Harbor (Galapagos), Beale Street (Memphis), Beale Street (Memphis), Belgium/Brussels, Bellagio (Italy), Bellagio (Las Vegas), Berlin, Bermuda, Bern (Switzerland), Bhutan, Bilbao (Spain… Guggenheim Museum), Biloxi (Gulf Cost), Biltmore House (North Carolina), Black Forest, Black Rock Desert (Nevada), Black Sea (Crimea), Blue Lagoon (Iceland), Blue Nile, Bodrum (Turquoise Coast, Turkey), Boise, Idaho (Hoyt and Teresa), Bonaire, Bonifacio (Corsica), Bora Bora (South Pacific), Bordeaux (France), Border Waters (Canada), Borobudur Temple (Indonesia)???, Bosporus, Bimini, Bohemia (Prague), Bush (Australia), Boulder, Colo., Bowling Green (Kentucky), Bracciano (Italy), Bradenton (Florida), Braselton (Ga.: Chateau Elan), Bratislava??, Brescia (Italy), Breckenridge (Colorado), Brest (France), Brie (France), Brigadoon, Brindisi (Italy), British Columbia, British Isles, British Virgin Islands, Brittany (France), Brunei, Bryce Canyon (Utah), Bucharest?, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Buffalo (Niagara Falls), Bulgaria, Burlington/Bennington/Brattleboro (Vermont), Burning Man, Byblos?  (Middle East), Byzantium (Istanbul), [Aurora] Borealis (Iceland or Alaska), [Cape] Bret[City of] Brotherly Love: Philadelphia, [Great] Barrier Reef 


Baghdad :-) Bangladesh Beaumont, Texas Beijing (China) Beirut Belarus 
Benin Birmingham, Alabama Bloomington, Indiana Bolivia Bombay Borodino (Russia) Bosnia 
Botswana Brampton (Ontario) Bridgeport (Conn.) British Guyana Burma Burundi Butte 

Any more places?

I can’t wait until start the “C” list!! blinking

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