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My iPhone favorite applications

First of all, I love my iPhone!! My iPhone purple cover and mirror screen protector are cool!! 

As are the applications that I use:

  • Maps (bye-bye GPS!)
  • Zenbe (lists)
  • Stanza, eReader and Kindle (read books)
  • WeatherBug and AccuWeather (weather forecast)
  • iTarot, Magic8Ball, iChing (some inspiration…)
  • Units, 9-Toolbox, Convertor (units conversion, helpful information)
  • SplashID (passwords)
  • Brain Teaser, Morocco, Romi, Hanoi, Mancala, Sudoku, Hanoi, Minesweeper, KittenEscape, Sol Free (games and entertainment)
  • Phone Flix, iTV, AOL Tv, Flixter (movies and TV)
  • Monkey Ball, Paper Toss, Darts, iBowl, BClassic, PenguinLite (movement games)
  • Pandora (radio)
  • TuneWiki (display the lyrics while play the ipod songs)
  • Skype, Facebook, Twitter (communication)
  • KaleidoLite, Google Earth, Zippo, iHandy Level (amazement)

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