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Learn Portuguese!

I teach Brazilian-Portuguese, private classes and through Business Linguistics, but there are another ways to learn:

One website that has a good list of the words in Portuguese that have the same sound but different meanings (falsos cognatos) can be found at here.

About Portuguese classes: 

Emory University has evening classes as part of their continuing education program.

If you speak Spanish already (or other Latin language) I suggest you take the Portuguese 2: it will be a little challenging on the first class, but will not be boring at the other ones (you don’t need to learn how to say the vowels , neither the difference between the verbs “ser” and “estar”.)

Kennesaw University has continuing education classes too

This used to be a very basic course, but I don’t know now.

This following one is in Dunwoody; I don’t know them, but I like their website, and I can contact one of their students  :-)
Atlanta International Language Institute

Also in Dunwoody a private professor: Alba Geromel 770 394-7703

One thing I recommend to my students that travel a lot  is:

  • read Brazilian magazines and newspapers. Start reading articles about a subject that you know already;
  • buy a pocket size dictionary and keep it handy;
  • listen to  podcasts  in Portuguese that can be downloaded from i-tunes.  They are free, and will get you more familiar with the sounds and accent.

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